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Bernies Music Land
381 Canterbury Road, Ringwood
VIC 3134, Australia
(03) 9872 5122



"Thank you for considering Bernies Music Land for your musical needs. Since 1977, our policy has been to make sure you are truly happy with your musical selection of a piano, organ or digital keyboard. There are many considerations and we appreciate the opportunity to guide you and help you become one of our happy clients."

Bernie Capicchiano Founder and Managing Director.

Before you settle down with an instrument, it pays to play the field. And with over 350 beautiful pianos, organs and keyboards in store, Bernies is the perfect place to pull up a seat and start comparing notes. 

When you visit Bernies, you will be treated to old fashioned service with some of the industry's most experienced specialists here to guide you through your musical options. You can compare many famous brands and even chat with our specialist tuner or electronic engineer for advice. And, with such a large range, you will be sure to receive the best value with a fantastic price.

Then join us for our wonderful educational events and musical activities, designed to inspire and excite. This includes discovery sessions, Masterclasses and guest artists.  There is always something fun happening and Bernies Music Land and we look forward to you being a part of the musical joy!


Hot Specials at Bernies

Pre-Loved Upright Pianos - UNDER $5,000
Bernies Music Land has pre-loved upright pianos in stock and our hot specials include:

Hartmann Upright, now just $2,995 

Light to the touch, and easy to play, this affordable upright is perfect for a hobby pianist, or for someone wanting to develop their piano skills. This compact piano will make everyday piano playing more enjoyable!

Van Broad Upright, now just $3,795
The Van Broad pre-loved piano is a full-sized upright and is excellent for training the fingers because of the solid action it produces. It is perfect for someone who is looking to develop their piano skills and is wishing to buy an upright at an affordable price. 

Ronisch Upright, now just $4,295
This fantastic pre-loved Ronisch Piano has a beautiful colour that will stand out against other pianos, and is suitable for many hobby piano players that are looking to develop their skills. 

Rud. Ibach Sohn Upright, now just $4,595
This model produces a bright quality sound, perfect for the usual hobby pianist. It has a beautiful mahogany cabinet with perfect workmanship, and will look excellent in any living room. 

Bernstein 118 Classic Upright, now just $4,995
This Bernstein will look fantastic in any living situation, and will provide endless entertainment and practice opportunities. It is lovely to play with plenty of dynamic change, rich tone, and beautiful touch that will make playing your favourite tunes even more enjoyable. 

Bernstein 121 Allegro Upright, now just $4,995
This Bernstein pre-loved Allegro is a top-selling model at a very affordable price for any beginner, intermediate or expert pianist. It has superb touch, broad range, and gives exceptional depth of tone, particularly in mid and lower registers. 

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What's Happening at Bernies


Race into Bernies to be the first to try the new Roland digital piano range, including nodels HP-504, HP-506, HP-508 and the sensational new RD-800 stage piano. Now on display!

Visit today or phone: 9872 5122

Piano Talk - Television Recording at Bernies 

7:30pm Tuesday 29th April

Renowned entertainer, Peter Sullivan and guests present an entertaining variety musical program, recorded for mainstream TV viewing. Audience welcome! 

Entry $10 / MusiClub voucher  Please phone to book: 9872 5122 

Sensational Suzuki

Just arrived - a sleek new digital piano to suit any piano student! Start off on the right foot with the Suzuki HP-1 digital piano, just $895. Now available!

Visit or phone for details: 9872 5122 

Piano Teacher Seminars 2014

Sensational lineup of Teacher Seminars start in March, view and book here

TV Audience?

Would you like to be in the audience for the filming of a fabulous new television show "Piano Talk"? Iconic entertainer, Peter Sullivan, will record his variety show here at Bernies on Tuesday 25th March, Tuesday 29th April and Tuesday 27th May... audience are welcome so book now!

Bookings / Enquiries: 9872 5122
Tickets $10 / MusiClub voucher

Bernstein Masterclasses:

Bernstein Masterclasses involve students playing in front of a small, encouraging audience and receiving valuable constructive assistance from professional teachers and performers. This is a fantastic performance experience for students up to 16 years of age.

Including up to 3 audience members. 

Any more audience members is $5 extra (Teacher tickets FREE)

To book click here or call 9872 5122