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Bernies Music Land
381 Canterbury Road, Ringwood
VIC 3134, Australia
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"Thank you for considering Bernies Music Land for your musical needs. Since 1977, our policy has been to make sure you are truly happy with your musical selection of a piano, organ or digital keyboard. There are many considerations and we appreciate the opportunity to guide you and help you become one of our happy clients."

Bernie Capicchiano Founder and Managing Director.

Before you settle down with an instrument, it pays to play the field. And with over 350 beautiful pianos, organs and keyboards in store, Bernies is the perfect place to pull up a seat and start comparing notes. 

When you visit Bernies, you will be treated to old fashioned service with some of the industry's most experienced specialists here to guide you through your musical options. You can compare many famous brands and even chat with our specialist tuner or electronic engineer for advice. And, with such a large range, you will be sure to receive the best value with a fantastic price.

Then join us for our wonderful educational events and musical activities, designed to inspire and excite. This includes discovery sessions, Masterclasses and guest artists.  There is always something fun happening and Bernies Music Land and we look forward to you being a part of the musical joy!


New Arrivals at Bernies

There are always new and exciting instruments arriving at Bernies for you to come and try.

Here are some of our latest arrivals:

Roland JUNO-DS88 Digital Piano, Black $1699 






Roland HP-603 Digital Piano, Black $2,999

Roland HP-605 Digital Piano, Black $4,499

Roland LX-7 Digital Piano, Black $5,199

Johannus 350, Classic Organ Just Arrived!

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What's Happening at Bernies 


 Improvisation for Piano Teachers

Presenter: Mark Gibson

1: Exploring the Basics - 9:30 - 12:30pm Saturday 20th February PRICE: $60

2: Putting It All Together - 1:30pm - 4:30pm Saturday 20th February PRICE: $60

(SPECIAL PRICE $100 for both sessions)

How many piano students have gone through to grade 7 or 8 piano but don't feel confident to just sit down and play? 

- Where do notes come from?

- Working with chord charts

- Moving between styles and re-harmonisation

The morning workshop will look at the fundamentals of improvisation together with practical applications. The afternoon workshop will take the whole process further so that the teachers will leave confident in their own ability to play, create and improvise.

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Start Playing Jazz Piano Now

Presenter: Steve Sedergreen

9:30 - 12:30pm
Tuesday 23d February

Start Playing Jazz Piano Now! is the culmination of Steve's 20-years of teaching experience and captures what is most important in his approach to learning to play jazz: learning through listening and being grounded in the performance context.

This presentation, designed especially for the needs of music teachers and music lovers, will provide participants with an invaluable insight into the principles that guide Steve's approach to teaching jazz piano as well as a detailed learning pathway through the book's rich content. Explore how the book works and experience the incredible results from this unique teaching concept.

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READING BETWEEN THE LINES: Articulation, Phrasing and Pedaling in Music of the Classic Era

Presenter: Darryl Coote

9:30 - 12:30pm
Wednesday 2nd March

Mr. Darryl Coote will outline the most important considerations in reading scores from the Classic Era, helping us to 'read between the lines' to reach a closer understanding of the composer's expressive intentions, both explicit and implicit.

Join us as this renowned educator shares his teaching tips and key points to help your students succeed in their classic piano performances.

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 Do Tone and Touch Matter?

Presenter: Professor Max Cooke

9:30 - 12:30pm
Wednesday 4th May

Renowned pianist, author, educator and exminer, Professer Cooke will share some of his outstanding wisdon in this keynote presention. Professer Max will guide you through the question "Do Tone and Touch Matter," reflecting on his popular book, Tone, Touch and Technique.

Explore the key teaching tips for tone production and touch control for students who wish to reach high levels in the classical piano stream.

Don't miss the oppotunity to hear this incredible presenter.

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