Leslie 122XB

Iconic walnut cabinet Leslie to suit B-3


Leslie 122XB

"So warm it could cook toast"

This Leslie tone cabinet is an exact reproduction of the original 122 Leslie, with the classic warm "valve" sound. Now it has its own power source (no longer powered by the organ), and it has an 11pin socket, allowing you to plug straight into the New B3, B3P and the XK-3c. The classic wooden cabinet is a huge draw card for the aesthetic appeal of instruments of days gone by.

The Leslie 122XB has an 11-pin connector designed to interface directly with the Hammond XK-System, B-3, B-3p and XB series of instruments.

Amplification: 40W
Connection: Hammond 11-pin
Dimensions: (H) 102cm, (W) 72cm, (D) 40cm
Weight: 70 Kg


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