Bernstein 161 Grand Piano

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Bernstein 161 Grand Piano

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From the moment you sit at the Bernstein 161, you can feel the quality and stability in build. Each note plays as it should; with a good range of nuances from soft to loud. Thanks to the exclusive Klaus Fenner design, this compact piano gives uncommon volume and tonal performance. But the most enjoyable feature is the beautifully full, rich tone, which the pianist will treasure for many years to come. 
The Bernstein 161 was crafted in the renowned "Samick" factory in South Korea; one of the world's largest piano builders. The quality from this factory is well respected and evident in the tuning stability and excellent mechanical condition of this pre-loved grand piano.
This instrument features the acclaimed "Klaus Fenner" design; encapsulating three layers of soundboard to give fuller sound and longer length of tonal decay. Play it and discover a superb range of tonal characteristics for its size; ranging from warm to bright tones. The action mechanism delivers excellent response and a fine balance in comfort. 
This instrument has been tuned and serviced and is in excellent condition. It offers outstanding value for the discerning buyer. This is a great opportunity to own a recent pre-loved grand piano in excellent condition. 

This beautiful piano has just been traded in at Bernies. It has been serviced to ensure a long lifespan. Bernies Music Land has lovingly prepared this instrument and it is ready to be enjoyed in its new home. 
Special Offer:
The special sale price of $12,950 includes:
* Bernstein 161 grand piano, list price on display is $15950
* Matching deluxe seat
* Warranty and local service support from Bernies Music Land. 
Purchase now as this top quality instrument will sell quickly.

Bernstein 161 features:
- Performance and design benefits of acclaimed designer Mr Klaus Fenner 
- Rich, full tone throughout all playing registers, with rounded warmth
- A strong bass 
- Solid brass pedals and castor wheels 
- Made in South Korea
- Dimensions: 161cm deep, 148cm wide, 106cm tall (lid closed)
- List price $15,950

Now On Display: This instrument is now on display at Bernies Music Land, 381 Canterbury Road, Ringwood (open 6 days, Monday to Saturday). We welcome your visit to test this instrument. 
For a special package tailored to your needs, please phone us on (03) 9872 5122.
Would you like to know more?

The Bernstein Advantage
The name Bernstein has a heritage in the piano world which stretches well before World War I. However World War II saw the decimation of piano manufacturing in Europe as factories were destroyed or taken over to build arms. 
After the War, England and America led the way in piano re-establishment. The reorganisation of Japan by the Americans led to music taking on a Western flavour, with a heavy concentration on piano. In the late 1950's, South Korea turned its production strength to popular instruments. 
Unlike the Japanese, who endeavored to manufacture much of the piano themselves, the Koreans worked with the English and West German manufacturers for the supply of major piano parts. In 1961, the name Bernstein was re-ignited and linked this new breed of pianos with it's historical past.
For over 25 years, Bernstein was manufactured by the Samick Company, recognised as a master in the art of piano production. This factory received the "Grand Prix Award for Quality" in 1983 at the International Piano Competition in Spain, amongst other accolades.
The Samick Company had a formula that was unique in this period of piano manufacturing. They commissioned the world's most respected piano designer, Mr. Klaus Fenner of West Germany, to design a new range of pianos. Mr. Fenner's design, combined with the sourcing the world's finest components, allowed Samick to produce a range of pianos which received outstanding acclaim internationally. The factory increased production to in excess of 120,000 pianos per year, making them the largest manufacturer in the world.
In benchmark French testing in 1987, the Fenner-designed Samick pianos took out top awards. Two models were submitted for testing and both were in the top four overall, with both scoring the highest category marks for tone, touch and keyboard. These are the most important elements of piano performance.
Of the three largest manufacturers of this period, the manufacturer of Bernstein was the only one using "Roslau" strings from West Germany, and a pinblock made by the German "Delignit" company. But it was the unique soundboard which set these pianos apart. Mr. Fenner revolutionised the manufacture of piano soundboards when he discovered that layering and laminating omni-directional spruce, then crowning it with pressure points, achieved a new level of tonal production, volume potential and tonal clarity. Each of the Bernstein pianos of this model range featured this design.
Today Bernstein Australia has partnered with the Hailun Piano Company; a powerhouse in the production of innovative, multi award-winning pianos. Bernstein offers pianists the choice to own the finest piano money can buy, at a family price. Over 10,000 Australian owners cannot be wrong! 

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Ebony/Black polished

101cm x 145cm x 111cm