Grand Piano Specials

Hailun CF-168
NEW. From one of the bigges piano manufacturers in...
$25,995.00 $23,995.00
Ronisch Grand Piano
Pre-loved Ronisch Grand Piano
Yamaha G-3 Grand Piano
Pre-loved Yamaha G-3 Grand Piano
$15,995.00 $11,780.00
DEMO - Suzuki AG-10 Grand Piano
Display Suzuki AG-10 Grand Piano
$11,995.00 $10,980.00
Bernstein 151 Baby Grand Piano
New Display Bernstein 151 Baby Grand Piano
$12,995.00 $11,880.00
Schimmel C169 Tradition, Ebony Polished
Grand Piano, Classic Series
$65,950.00 $63,950.00
Bernstein Conservatory 178 Mahogany, Walnut or White Polished
Grand Piano Series
$21,995.00 $18,980.00

Upright Piano Specials

Bernstein Allegro White Upright Piano
Pre-loved. Popular home size, this lovely piano of...
Bernstein H-5 Upright Piano
Teaching model. This piano offers professional tou...
Kingsburg LF-109
Pre-Loved. Just traded-in,lively to play with a co...
Suzuki AU-10 Upright Piano Polished Ebony
Display New Suzuki AU-10 Upright Piano
$4,995.00 $3,998.00
Alex Steinbach Upright Piano
Pre-loved Alex Steinbach Upright Piano
$4,995.00 $1,980.00
Bernstein Ovation BHU125 Ebony Polished
Upright Piano Series
$7,995.00 $6,750.00
Schimmel C116 Modern Cubus, Ebony Polished
Upright Piano, Classic Series
$23,995.00 $20,950.00
Schimmel K132 Tradition, Ebony Polished
Upright Piano, Konzert Series
$45,995.00 $43,950.00

Hammond Organ Specials

Hammond SK1-88
New Display Model
$3,795.00 $2,950.00
Hammond B-3P
Pre-loved Organ
$12,995.00 $9,850.00
Hammond SK2
Pre-loved Hammond SK2
$4,295.00 $3,590.00
Hammond SK1
Pre-loved Hammond SK1
$2,395.00 $1,980.00
Hammond XK-3c
Proline professional portable Hammond, features va...
$4,195.00 $2,899.00
Hammond A405 Organ
New Display Hammond A405 Organ
$12,995.00 $10,960.00
Pre-loved Hammond XE200 Luxury
Hammond Super B
Pre-loved Hammond Organ
$12,995.00 $9,850.00

Classical and Contemporary Organ Specials

Johannus Studio 170
New Display Johannus Studio 170
$13,315.00 $11,960.00
Roland Atelier AT350C Combo Package
$9,430.00 $5,440.00

Digital Piano Specials

Orla Stage Starter - Portable
Compact Premium Starter Digital Piano Package
$799.00 $698.00
Orla Stage Studio - Portable
Premium Home or Studio Digital Piano Package
$1,199.00 $1,098.00
Casio PX310 White
Pre-Loved. Comfortable starter!
Yamaha DGX-620 Digital Piano
Pre-loved Yamaha DGX-620 Digital Piano
$999.00 $699.00