Vogel by Schimmel 

In 2005 Schimmel were proud to introduce a new registered brand name of Schimmel Pianos, Germany – Vogel.

Vogel pianos are superb instruments of European origin. They are manufactured in a Schimmel-owned factory and the hand crafted quality is warranted by Schimmel.

The Vogel story began in 1882, when Mr. Wilhelm Schimmel learned Vogel instruments are named after the new director of Schimmel Pianos, Hannes Schimmel-Vogel. They are proudly co-branded 'by Schimmel', are manufactured under strict supervision of Schimmel staff members, many originally from the German factory.

Vogel grands and uprights offer a responsive touch along with a pleasing tone. They feature a Schimmel keyboard and action assembly, German made hammer-heads, excellent mountain-grown soundboard spruce, strings of German origin and solid wood throughout the back assembly. The fine polyester finishes and care to detail will guarantee that your piano playing experience will be a complete delight.

The Schimmel team are delighted to have this selection of pianos made available to you and are certain that you will be more than pleased with their stunning quality.

Vogel upright pianos are assembled, fine-regulated and voiced by experienced piano builders in Kalisz, in the time-honored tradition of European artistic craftsmanship. Only top rated materials up to extraordinarily high standards of sound quality and durability, painstakingly inspected and selected, are used. Important components are produced in Schimmel's Braunschweig plant.

A hallmark of Vogel grand pianos is durability. Produced in the tradition of Schimmel’s great European sound culture, they are in every way up to the demands of everyday use. These instruments have been specially designed by Schimmel’s engineering department, with the goal of high quality at the lowest possible cost. 

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