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It may be hard to believe now, but one man was single-handedly responsible for creating the entire electronic organ and keyboard world as we know it today. That man was Laurens Hammond. By the time Laurens Hammond died on July 3, 1973, there were well over thirty manufacturers of electric or electronic organs.This figure would increase still further towards the end of the 1970s, as the demand for easy-play home organs grew to incredible proportions.

Today Hammond represents a sound that transverses all styles and demographics, ranging from the comforting sounds of church all the way through to the latest slick R&B offerings you hear on the radio or television advertising. Read more on Hammond history here.

Here at Bernies Music Land, we love Hammond. We proudly offer Australia's largest range of Hammond organs. Yes, we have over 180 Hammonds in stock. The staff at Bernies Music Land are experts in home, stage and studio Hammonds and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Bernies also conducts workshops and gives lessons on playing Hammond so you can build your Hammond skills. Come on down and spend some time browsing through some of the greatest musical inventions of all time: Hammond Organs.

Many famous Hammond players have played live on the Bernies stage and some have been featured on our CD label, Live at Bernies. Read more here

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Hammond B3 Organ

SK Series

Hammond SK-1 Keyboard

Extremely compact Hammond stage keyboard, features...

Hammond SK 1-73

Portable Keyboard, 73-note

Hammond SK1-88

Portable Keyboard, 88 Keys

Hammond SKX- Now in Stock

Legendary New Release

XK1 and XK3 Series

Hammond XK-1c

Portable Organ

XK5 Series

Hammond XK-5

Portable Keyboard

Hammond XLK-5

Portable Keyboard

Metal Bench For XK5

Metal Bench, Black

Metal Stand of XK5

Metal Stand, Black

Wooden Bench for XK5

Made in Europe

XK-5 Heritage System Package

A3 Heritage System

XK-5 Stage Package

Pro Stage Pack

Home and Chapel Series

Hammond B3 Mark II Portable

NEW Authentic Hammond Organ
$27,950.00 $19,950.00

Hammond A-405 Organ

Elegant, compact and versatile

Pre-loved and Demonstration Organs

Kawai C502 AGO

Pre-loved, Late Analogue Organ

Hammond Accessories

Baby Leslie BT-122 Bluetooth Speaker

New Release, Exclusive To Bernies

Hammond Oil

Especially made for Bernies Music Land, this Hammo...

AC Adapter

Hammond AC Adapter

Hammond FS-9H Footswitch

Hammond/Leslie Footswitch

Hammond EXP-20 Expression Pedal

Pedal 20 Expression Pedal for XK-1, SK-1, SK-2, X...

Hammond EXP-50J Expression Pedal

Large expression pedal to suit any Hammond Keyboar...

Hammond EXP-100F Expression Pedal

Expression pedal to suit Hammond XK-3 and XK-3c, c...

Hammond XPK - 130G

13-Note Universal MIDI Sound Pedalboard

Hammond XPK - 200LG

20-Note Universal Sound Pedalboard

Hammond XPK-200L Midi Pedalboard

20 Note Pedalboard

Hammond XPK-250W

25 Pedalboard for XK5

Hammond PK-25PXK

Hammond, 25-Note Pedalboard, XK3

Hammond SK-1 Soft Case

Soft case to suit Hammond SK-1, let the world know...

Hammond SK-2 Soft Case

Soft Case for Hammond SK-2

Hammond XK-1 Soft Case

Soft case to suit Hammond XK-1, let the world know...

Soft case for SK1-73

Soft case for SK1-73

Soft case for SK1-88

Soft case for SK1-88

Soft case for XK-1c

Soft case for XK-1c

Digital Hammond Leslie Pedal H02

Leslie Speaker Emulator with 4 Amp Models, Speed S...

Hammond 8 to 11 pin converter

Converter to go from an 8 pin Leslie cable to an 1...

Leslie 11 pin cable

11 pin Leslie cable suitable for XK-3c, B-3 and B-...

Leslie 8 pin DIN cable

8 pin Leslie cable to suit Hammond XK-1, SK-1 or S...

Leslie CU-1 Switch

Leslie Switch

Leslie Y-11 pin cable Adapter

Leslie Y-11 pin cable Adapter

Euro Metal Stand for SK1-88

Euro Metal Stand for SK1-88

Hammond Mini B Kit

Kit for XK-System to give it the same cabinet styl...

Metal Bench For XK5

Metal Bench, Black

Metal Stand of XK5

Metal Stand, Black

Wooden Bench for XK5

Made in Europe

Hammond XM-2

Sound module and drawbars for that authentic Hammo...

Hammond Organs - The New Generation
The new generation of new Hammond instruments is truly spectacular and here for you to experience at Bernies Music Land today. The new B-3 offers a major breakthrough in technology with the invention of the 96 Digital ToneWheels. Digitally recreating the sound of the original tonewheels faithfully enables Hammond to give you the original B-3 look, the original B-3 sound, yet it weighs almost half as much. The New B-3 also comes in a portable model, for all you professional musicians that need a heavy duty organ sound that is easy to move, set up and pull down.

The genius of the new generation models, the XK-3 proline keyboard, which won Organ/Keyboard of the Year at the Frankfurt Music Fair's Instrument Awards (April 2006). No "clone wheels" even comes near it. With the hot features of the upgrade, the XK-3c, really is every organ players dream.

Hammonds for Professionals
The real strength of a new Hammond is proven when you take it on stage. To match the gutsy sound, the Hammond XK, B and Leslie speaker series have been built with the touring musician in mind. They have solid casings, tough buttons and robust connection points. You want your gear to just work, and that's exactly what a new Hammond does.

Hammond B-3p

A Hammond organ gives you a stage presence like no other keyboard and a sound that imitations just can't achieve. Combine it with a high-power new Leslie speaker and you'll blow audiences away.

Bernies Music Land offers exclusive prices on Hammond gear for professional muso's, so phone (03) 9872 5122 today or visit the store.

Do you need the performance and prestige of a real Hammond organ for your next gig? Bernies Music Land is pleased to offer a range of new Hammond organs for event and gig hire. (subject to availability and approval). To check price and availability, please phone Bernies Music Land today on (03) 9872 5122 or email info@musicland.com.au

Service For Your Hammond
Bernies Music Land are proud to be one of the only stores in Australia with a dedicated Hammond serviceman on team. We are very pleased to offer a premium service of phone, instore and onsite support to customers who have purchased a Hammond through Bernies Music Land. All new Hammond organs, Leslie speakers and accessories are covered by 12 months warranty, backed by Musico Pty Ltd, the distributor for Hammond Australia. To find out more, please phone us on (03) 9872 5122.

 Leslie Speakers
The latest and greatest in Authentic Leslie speakers! Ideal for your Hammond organ or stage keyboard, Leslies are the perfect partner to give you incredible bass and unmatched grunt in sound. New stock just arrived in Australia so order yours now


Hammond Events
Come and hear the new Hammond organs in action with our awesome range of events. This includes nights with guest artists from Australia and around the world, and Hammond Playing Workshops to give you plenty of playing tips and inspiration. Please see our "events" page for details.