Opus Series

The Opus Series offers an affordable range of organs with no compromise in quality or sound. A simple but neatly built console design combined with new generation technology offers both organist and listener that soul absorbing organ sound at a very reasonable price. The Johannus Opus Series is designed for living room and chapel, but may be a consideration for a small church if fitted with a suitable external speaker system. The layout and functions of the Opus series are comfortable to use for all levels of organ players.

Opus 15 RACO 'Australian Edition'

The Opus 15 RACO is from the European model series from Johannus and features a beautiful Eurpoean Romantic 29-stop voicing suite as well as French Symphonic and European Baroque. Our Recommendation: Home, studio, small-medium chapels and churches.

Opus 270 / 370 AGO

The newly released Opus 270 (2m) and 370 (3m) models feature the new multi-intonation technology with a practical range of stops, plus the versatility of 7 speaker surround audio to give you church-like ambience at home.
The 36-stop Opus 270 and the 42-stop Opus 370 feature a voice selection and tonal purity that brings not one but four different organs into your home or studio. More reasons why the Opus range continues to be one of the most popular and value-for-money organs on the market.

Johannus Opus 155 RACO

2 Manuals, 30 Stops/4 Organ Suites, 30-note RACO P...
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Johannus Opus 255 RACO

2 Manuals, 36 Stops/4 Organ Suites, 30-note RACO P...
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Johannus Opus 370 AGO

3 Manuals, 44 Stops/4 Organ Suites, 32-note AGO Pe...
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