Amplifiers and Speakers

The range of keyboard and organ amplifiers includes:
Leslie Speakers
Ideal for your Hammond organ or stage keyboard, Leslies are the perfect partner to give you incredible bass and unmatched grunt in sound. Compact models through to touring models are available, plus a range of pre-loved models. Please phone us on (03) 9872 5122 to chat about the Leslie to suit your needs.
Laney Keyboard Amplifiers
Dedicated keyboard amplifiers with excellent tonal production and power. Fantastic value!

Kali LP-6

Kali Speaker

Leslie SPA-150 Amplifier

Leslie Professional Speaker

Leslie 2121 Stationary Unit

Lower stationary unit for 21 system

Leslie 2101 Mk 2 Rotary Unit

Second edition Leslie 2101 featuring many improvem...

Leslie 2103 Mk 2 Rotary Unit

Leslie 2101 Mk 2 but in a stylish walnut timber ca...

Leslie 3300 Pro-tourer

Robust, powerful Leslie, with upper and lower rota...

Leslie 3300W Walnut

Timber cabinet

Leslie 122XB

Iconic walnut cabinet Leslie to suit B-3