Bernstein BCF 168 Grand Ebony Polished

Grand Piano Series


Grand Piano Series

The New Bernstein Hailun CF series grand pianos combine the best of Asian and European manufacturing, materials,and design, resulting in the ultimate combination of quality, value and performance.The design starts with the newly shaped maple rims, creating a larger area for the Northern Austrian Alpine Solid Spruce soundboards, which are designed and manufactured by Hailun. The vertically laminated maple bridge capped in beech allows superior transference of energy from the strings. The elegant design of the open sand cast plate contributes to the rich, full volume. The beautiful cabinetry completes this exceptional instrument. The CF168 Grand is the perfect instrument for smaller performance venues, institutions and homes.

Technical Specifications: Quality-Service-Integrity 

  • Length: 5 ft. 6 in. (168 cm.)
  • Width: 5 ft. (157 cm.)
  • Plate: Wet sand cast; new design to enhance tone projection; mid-low tenor bar on plate for more accurate bearing, decorative nose bolts and plate bolts.
  • Soundboard: Solid Northern Alpine Austrian spruce; asymmetric thickness; designed and manufactured by Hailun.
  • Soundboard area: 1,643
  • Strings: German Rolsau wire #1 Bass String: 49 in. (124.2 cm.)
  • Pin Block: Multi-laminate European beech. Ribs: 11 quarter sawn spruce.
  • Beams/Posts: 4 Inner and Outer Rim: Maple; new wider tail shape for greater effective soundboard area. Lid: Beveled & reinforced.
  • Action: Hailun Performance Plus design.
  • Action Material: European hornbeam.
  • Hammer Rail: Solid beech.
  • Hammers: Premium German FFW felt (AA) Key bed: Laminated poplar.
  • Key frame: European beech and spruce, reinforced. Keys: Solid spruce. Bridges: Hand notched. Treble Bridge: Vertically laminated maple with European beech cap.
  • Bass Bridge: Solid maple.
  • Tuning Pins: #45 steel, chromium sealed.
  • Pedals: Brass, middle pedal full sostenuto. 


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