Bernstein Conservatory 178 Mahogany, Walnut or White Polished

Grand Piano Series

$21,995.00 $18,980.00

Grand Piano Series

The Bernstein Conservatory grand aims to give exceptional brilliance. It is the result of a refined design and is constructed of the highest quality materials. Extra string length and larger soundboard enable it to speak with superb clarity and offer an outstanding tonal range. It has magnificent power and will suit any setting or décor.

This model has been popular for school, church and institutes, where it offers impressive performance and outstanding value. It has been recently featured at the Melba Music Festival in the Yarra Valley, in the studios of Radio 3MBS for performance and recordings, at various eisteddfods, also at selected concerts of the Team of Pianists. On each of these occasions, the Bernstein Conservatory Grand Piano has received great acclaim.

Weight - 350kg
Depth - 178cm
Width - 154.9cm
Height - 101.6cm

Available Finishes:
Satin Walnut


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