Bernstein Semi-Concert BHG 198 Ebony Polished

Grand Piano Series


Grand Piano Series

The new Bernstein 198 Semi-Concert Grand Piano is now in Australia. The largest grand piano had been the 'Conservatory 178' till 2007. This piano, in its own right, is brilliant and a very good competitor in the piano market.

Models of the Conservatory grand have been used for many performances and events, including the annual Ringwood Eisteddfod in Victoria. It has also been acclaimed for its size by the Team of Pianists, who purchased a Bernstein Conservatory Grand for their use at Glenfern Estate and is performing very well there. On our visit to the Bernstein Hailun factory in October 2007, we were delighted to spend some time playing the new 198 model. The design was refined by American piano designer, George F. Emerson, whose international reputation appoints him, 'The Designer of a Generation'. He has over 33 years of piano building experience and is now the Chief Scale Designer and Lead Engineer for the Bernstein Hailun factory.

The Bernstein 198 Semi-Concert Grand Piano raises the bar for school, institute and small performance venue pianos. The style of the instrument is very European; it boasts impressive power and grunt in the bass, along with a full bodied treble section.The new action design gives excellent repetition and comfortable control for high-level performance.

Weight - 371kg
Depth - 1798cm
Width - 147.5cm
Height - 101.6cm

Available Finishes:
Ebony Polished


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