Bernstein Masterclass Entry 20th Sept - Senior

Monday 20th September 12.30pm - 2.30pm


Bernstein Masterclass Entry 20th Sept - Senior

For over 30 years, the Bernstein Masterclass and Piano Competition Series has been supporting the development of young pianists. This unique opportunity allows students to perform and receive constructive feedback from top level teachers and examiners. Sessions book quickly, so enrol now!

Date/Time: 20th September 2021/12.30pm - 2.30pm

Guest Teacher: Tony Toppi

Want to do better in your piano exams? Get more from your piano lessons? Then participate in a BERNSTEIN Masterclass!

Who is it for?

Bernstein Masterclass Series is a fantastic performance and learning experience for young piano students. It is designed for students age 8 to 16, who are preparing for exams and recitals.

How does it work?

Students prepare ONE piece up to 5 minutes to perform in front of a small, encouraging audience. The guest teacher will then offer valuable feedback and constructive criticism to help the student improve their playing. Participates are also able to hear and observe other student's performances

What are the benefits?

When students participate in the Masterclass session, they receive great advice to help develop their skills, plus the rare opportunity to play for a renowned pianist/educator, and valuable performance experience to help curb nerves for future performances. Students also broaden their knowledge of other repertoire outside of their own pieces by observing other student performances, which is a vital help to their future studies. Participants may be invited to compete in the National Final of the Bernstein Piano Competition on Sunday, 3rd October 2021.

Please note (Conditions):

* Due to copyright laws, performers must only use an original copy of music.
* No photography or video footage allowed.
* Enrolment close 7 days prior unless already full.