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Australia’s largest piano and organ superstore. Proudly a family owned and operated business since 1977.

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Classical & Church Organs

" Music enriches our lives. Music is relaxing and releases all sorts of emotions. And ... it makes people happier. We, at Johannus, build organs. A trade which is deeply rooted in a craftsmanship which goes back for centuries."
- Mr G. A van de Weerd - Chairman of the Board, Johannus Organs 

Johannus are passionate organ builders. They have and will always see superior and life-like sound quality as the main focus of their work. Every Johannus organ is characterised by a strong craving for perfection and...a dream, cherished for a long time; a dream to be able to design and build an organ matching the pipe organ.
Here at Bernies, we believe the organ plays a vital role in worship. Therefore, we have a dedicated division to offer extensive services for home and church organists. This includes in-church organ consultation service, as well as organ courses and lessons, a fabulous range of organ books and artist CDs, and an on-staff organ technician for service and support.
Our classical & church organ range includes;

Johannus Classical & Church Organs
Since 1969, Johannus Classical Organs have combined dedicated organ building with centuries of traditional European craftsmanship. In the mid 1990's Johannus selected real-time digital sampling technology for maximum realism in sound reproduction, resulting in a recognised high level of musicality. Johannus organs are the instrument of choice for churches, homes and institutions in over 80 countries.

The Makin model range features English specifications specially selected for the discerning classical   organist. Models are available by order for home, school or church.

Pre-loved Classical Organs
Ideal for home practice, we have a large selection of quality pre-loved organs that have been service checked and are ready to enjoy.

Trade-ins Welcome
Trade-ins are welcome here at Bernies, so please phone our organ manager, Craig Douglass, on 03 9872 5122 or craig@musicland.com.au to chat about your organ needs. We proudly sell and service organs Australia-wide.

Studio Series

Johannus Studio S
Studio S with MIDI & Bench,1 manual, 2 x 20 st...
Johannus Studio 170 RACO Classic Organ
Studio 170 RACO 2 manual, 4 x 28 stops, 3 channel,...

Opus Series

Johannus Opus 250 Organ
2 Manuals, 36 Voices, 48 Ranks
Johannus Opus 350 Organ
3 Manuals, Voices 44, 58 Ranks
Johannus Opus 270 Organ
Contemporary home organs with unlimited potential
Johannus Opus 370 Organ AGO
3 Manuals, 42 Voices, 55 Ranks

Classic Series

Johannus Classic 350 Organ
3 Manuals, 45 Voices, 59 Ranks
Price on Application
Johannus Classic 250 Organ
2 Manuals, 36 Voices, 47 Ranks
Price on Application

Live Series

Johannus LiVE III Home Organ
3 Manuals, Stops Max. 50, USB Port for Uploading O...
Price on Application
Johannus Live 2T Organ
Price on Application

Positive Series

Johannus Positive 250 RACO
2 manual, 4 x 41 stops, 8 channels, 15 internal sp...
Johannus Positive 350 RACO
3 manuals, 4 x 47 stops, 10 channels, 19 internal ...

Vivaldi Series

Johannus Vivaldi 270 AGO
2 manual, 4 x 42 stops, 21 orchestrals, 8.1. audio...
Johannus Vivaldi 370 AGO
3 manual, 4 x 60 stops, 39 orchestrals, 10.1 audio...

Ecclesia Series

Johannus Ecclesia Choir
2 Manuals, 26 Voices, 34 Ranks
Johannus Ecclesia D-350
3 Manuals, 41 Voices, 52 Ranks
Johannus Ecclesia T150 RACO
Authentic pipe organ sounds with excellent sound q...
Johannus Ecclesia T170 AGO
Two Manuals, 26 stops and a well-balanced set of s...
Johannus Ecclesia T270 AGO
2 manual, 4 x 34 speaking stops, 8.1 audio channel...
Johannus Ecclesia T370 AGO
3 manual, 4 x 41 speaking stops, 10.1 audio channe...
Johannus Ecclesia D470 AGO
3 manual, 4 x 41 speaking stops, 6.1 audio channel...

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