Orla 120

New, Grand Digital Piano


New, Grand Digital Piano

ORLA Grand 120 is a digital half-tail piano, the perfect blend of design and technology with innovative features. The 88-note keyboard with Graded Hammer Action keys, Multi Layer sampling technology and the new touch control system ensures absolute fidelity in the reproduction of traditional piano sound and a natural instrument response. The sounds available on the panel will allow you to have the most suitable sound for Classical or Modern music. The internal sound library also features a selection of high quality sounds. The sounds available can be mixed to obtain double sounds (Dual Layer) whose volume balancing can be controlled in real time.

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  • Sound source: High resolution sampled sounds
  • Keyboard: 88 Graded Hammer Action - Fatar Keyboard TP40 GH
  • Display: 2-line backlit display
  • Polyphony: 128 notes max
  • Demo: 20 tracks
  • Sound selection: Grand Piano button, 10 sound groups (piano, organ, guitar and bass, strings and voices, brass and woodwinds, keyboards and synthesizers, accordions, world, drums and percussion, favorites)
  • Main Sound Section: 362 sounds, 10 drum kits, reverb, chorus, octave, volume
  • Dual sound section: 362 sounds, 10 drum kits, reverb, chorus, octave, volume
  • Sound section Left: 362 sounds, 10 drums, reverb, chorus, octave, volume
  • Controls: Master Volume, Bass / Treble, Data Buttons and Data Wheels, Pianist, Transpose / Pitch, Touch Control, Reverb, Chorus, Memory Bank, Layer, Left, Function, Enter
  • Memory Bank: 54 User programs (6 banks of 9 programs)
  • Pedals: Soft - Sustained - Sustain (with half pedal)
  • Selection Styles: Pop & Rock, Country, Standards, Latin 1, Latin 2, Jazz & Blues, Ballads, Ballroom, Dance, World, Favorites (11 groups)
  • Rhythm Orchestra: 2 Variations, Auto Accomp On / Off, Auto Set Up, Tap Tempo, Intro / Ending, Fill 1/2, Sinchro and Key Start, Start / Stop, Metronome, Drum Volume, Auto Accomp, Volume, Full Keyboard ( 350 styles)
  • Auto Set Up: 350 Auto Set Up Registration
  • USB Disk Recorder: Easy Recording Track 1 and Track 2, Multi Recording
  • Bluetooth: Option for Bluetooth audio connection
  • Effects: Reverb (8 types), Chorus (8 types)
  • Tuning: Transpose, Pitch
  • Dynamic: On / Off, 3 Selectable Curves (programmable with fixed touch)
  • Midi: Midi Out (16 channels), USB Midi In, Local Midi
  • Connections: USB disk for data storage and playback, USB to PC (audio / Midi), Midi Out, In / Out stereo, input level control
  • Headphones: 2 headphone jack
  • Amplifier: Stereo amplification, 2x 30W speker (2 woofers, 2 tweeters)
  • Dimensions: 1430 x 730 x 900mm
  • Weight: 70kg
  • Finishing: glossy black
  • Optional accessories: Bench

Many people start their musical life at Bernies Music Land in Melbourne. Whether you are looking for an instrument for your family to enjoy, an entertainment machine for home, or an impressive piano for stage or venue, we know you are looking for the cheapest price on a high quality digital piano. This outstanding Orla range hits the mark. The full range is now available in Australia and on display today at Bernies, so please visit us today or phone 9872 5122 for our specials.