Digital Pianos

Our extensive range of digital pianos includes models for a wide variety of uses. Whether you are a student, teacher, stage performer of home musician, you will be excited by our large variety of models. Come into the store for an unbeatable package price and start making music today!
Our digital piano range includes;

Orla - Now available in Australia! 
Enjoy the Sound of Italy with this popular digital piano range. The Orla story begun when Nazzareno Orlandoni created a company to manufacture parts for accordions and reed organs in 1957. Joined by his brother-in-law, he chose the name ORLA and in 1965 established a factory in Castelfidardo, the musical instrument capital of Italy. The company went into the production of electronic organs and quickly established a reputation in the world market.

Today, the Orla board of Directors is the second generation of the founder’s families. They continue the family tradition of developing quality, reliable musical instruments with the typical style and flair of the Italian culture.
The sounds of the Orla digital piano range are carefully selected, making sure that the result is a warm and clear sound, pleasant for the beginners and for the professional players alike.
The styles are the result of long hours of meetings with the Orla artists from Europe (Italy, England, Germany and Holland) to make sure that each arrangement is exciting and rewarding to play.
The keys provide the perfect balance of resistance and comfort, something not often found in electronic instruments.
Each Orla digital piano is beautifully finished, with colour choices including high gloss white and high gloss red.  

Used by famous musicians world-wide, Roland produces some of the highest quality and professional instruments on the market. They offer cutting edge technology for superior sound quality and performance. Roland keyboards alone are powerful tools for the most demanding musicians. In addition, Roland produces a fine range of digital pianos ranging from lightweight portable models, to large cabinet style and digital grand pianos with ensemble features. The finest in digital musical enjoyment!

Suzuki is proudly one of the world's largest musical instrument manufacturers - particularly famous for their harmonicas and percussion instruments. Their range of digital pianos offer great sound, attractive cabinets and budget prices. Ideal for home or studio.

Roland Digital Pianos

Roland HP-605 Digital Piano - Contemporary Black

The Premium Home Piano

Roland LX-17 Digital Piano

Tallest Upright, Classically-styled Piano LX-17 de...

Roland KR-3 Digital Piano

Pre-Loved, Digital Piano

Roland HP603a - Classic Rosewood

Roland HP603a Digital Piano
$3,299.00 $2,690.00

Suzuki Digital Pianos

Suzuki HP-3 Digital Piano

Pre-loved, 88-note Cabinet Style Digital Piano
$1,195.00 $798.00

Casio Digital Pianos

Casio PX-150 Digital Piano

Pre-loved, Digital Piano

Orla Digital Pianos

Orla Stage Concert - Portable Digital Piano

Creative Stage, Studio or Home Digital Piano Packa...
$1,599.00 $1,498.00

Orla Stage Starter - Portable Pack

Stage Starter Pack - Free Stand!
$769.00 $698.00

Orla Stage Studio - Portable

Premium Home or Studio Digital Piano Package

Orla Stage Starter - Cabinet CDP1

Premium Starter Digital Piano Package
$1,299.00 $1,098.00

Orla Stage Studio - Cabinet CDP101

Premium Home or Studio Digital Piano Package

Orla Stage Concert - Cabinet CDP202

Creative Stage, Studio or Home Digital Piano Packa...

Orla Ensemble - NEW Demonstration Model

Demo Model, High Quality

Orla 120 - Grand Digital Piano

New, Orla 120 - Grand Digital Piano
$4,695.00 $3,680.00

Orla 310 Digital Grand Piano

Demo Model - Orla 310
$4,995.00 $3,780.00

Orla 450 Digital Grand Piano

88 Notes Graded Keyboard

Orla 500 Digital Grand Piano

NEW Flagship Digital Grand

Pre-Loved Digital Pianos

Casio PX-150 Digital Piano

Pre-loved, Digital Piano

Roland KR-3 Digital Piano

Pre-Loved, Digital Piano