Inside The Piano Discovery Workshop

Saturday 25th August - Family Ticket


Saturday 25th August - Family Ticket

10am - 11am 

FAMILY TICKET - up to 4 people valid 

Come and discover how pianos work, why they go out of tune, and how they are all different in this fascinating workshop. See inside the fascinating grand piano action as you touch and explore piano components and learn about this wondrous instrument. This workshop is ideal for teachers, students and families and will provide plenty of inspiration for making piano music!

Presented by Jon Wade, our specialist piano technician

Workshop runs for 1 hour including question time and includes notes. The session is followed by refreshments.

All welcome! 

This event is held in the seminar room at Bernies Music Land,

381 Canterbury Road, Ringwood, VIC 3134.

Book now or phone us at 9872 5122.