Hailun CF-168 Grand Piano - Black

Hailun, CF-168, Grand

$25,995.00 $19,995.00

Hailun, CF-168, Grand

From one of the biggest piano manufacturers in China, this professional high performance grand piano will delight any pianist. Designed for a big workload, this piano has superb responsive action, with features of a concert grand piano within a baby  grand size. Sensational to play!

This Grand piano combines the best of Asian and European manufacturing, materials, and design, resulting in the ultimate combination of quality, value and performance.The design starts with the newly shaped maple rims, creating a larger area for the Northern Austrian Alpine Solid Spruce soundboards, which are designed and manufactured by Hailun.
The Bernstein Professional grand piano is a robust instrument built for top performance. Thrilling bass and sparkling treble tones are delivered by enhances soundboard for a sensational playing experience.
The vertically laminated maple bridge capped in beech allows superior transference of energy from the strings. The elegant design of the open sand cast plate contributes to the rich, full volume. The beautiful cabinetry completes this exceptional instrument. The CF168 Grand is the perfect parlor grand instrument.

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