Ibach 180 Grand Piano - Black

Charming Pre-loved German Grand Piano

$25,995.00 $15,950.00

Charming Pre-loved German Grand Piano

This is a rare and surprisingly beautiful grand piano. It was crafted in Germany to the highest standards and offers the rich and warm characteristics of a quality piano. 
This lovely instrument holds a rich sound throughout the entire register; truly a delight to play. It has a very good range of volume change to give your playing variation from soft to loud. 

For a pre-loved piano you will be impressed by the response of the action. It is quick, and comfortable to control. All these wonderful performance features are enveloped in a sleek and elegant polished ebony cabinet which is in good condition.

Bernies Music Land has carefully prepared this instrument and it is ready to be enjoyed in its new home, with full service completed including tuning, maintenance and cabinet detailing. Each of our pre-loved grand pianos comes with a warranty and our renowned service support, ensuring you a long life of musical enjoyment

Model: F II

Colour: Polished Ebony

Dimensions: 180cm deep x 151cm wide