Yamaha G-3 Grand Piano - Black

Popular Model Yamaha Pre-Loved Grand Piano


Popular Model Yamaha Pre-Loved Grand Piano

Bernies Music Land in Ringwood is proud to offer this quality pre-loved piano for sale. The Yamaha G-3 has been workshop prepared by a team of piano technician experts. It is a dedicated Australian delivery piano (not "grey import") and had one private owner.

This Yamaha grand isn't the most cosmetically beautiful instrument, but it offers excellent playing performance and particularly great value for the discerning buyer. Enjoy the exciting power and wonderful vibrancy in tone! 

This Yamaha G-3 has an entire set of new Japanese hammers and tuning pins installed by our professional technician. It will pleasantly surprise you with the responsiveness of the action and quality of tone.

The Yamaha G-3 is a good example of the size and tonal characteristics that have made Yamaha a popular choice.
The polished black cabinet is in fair condition and would be a sensational working piano.
Don't miss out on this fantastic special!!

Colour: Polished ebony

Dimensions: 185cm deep x 144cm wide

Serial Number: E1413092

Dimensions:185cm x 149cm x 103cm