Fridolin by Schimmel F123

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Fridolin by Schimmel F123

With its 123 cm height, this piano can be counted as one of the medium-sized pianos. Due to the size, the sound colors are particulary intesne in this model. Its wide dynamic range of sound makes this piano a perfect partner for ambitious piano players.

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Fridolin Schimmel- A Smart Investment
Fridolin Instruments are part of the brand family of Schimmel. This guarantees that you are purchasing an instrument of value for which Schimmel vouches with its name.

All Fridolin instruments are based on a Schimmel technical design. with over 13 years of excellence in piano-making, the new Fridolin factory ensures that pianos offer the soul of a German piano in sound and touch.

Particular attractive feature of the Fridolin model is the Schimmel cabinet design. Schimmel has been awarded with numerous design awards such as Red Dot Awards, the Good Design Award and the nomination for the German Design Award. Fridolin offers a beautiful finish, only available in premium pianos

Fridolin are designed in Germany and manufactured in China wth high specifications, according to a defined process from Schimmel and supervised by German craftsmen from Schimmel factory. This assures a continuous quality promise.

All Fridolin instruments are made of carefully selected materials such as German Hammer felt and Rosslau strings, to warrant that you are purchasing an instrument of value.

All instrument is equipped with Schimmel's extended factory warranty to assure that you are purchasing a durable instrument. Fridolin instruments are a smart investment for which Schimmel vouches with its name.

Based on the long-established German tradition of piano building, the model F123 has been made with a dedication to detail. The triumph of all Fridolin upright pianos is the German Schimmel construction of sound and touch. This provides the pianists with The German tradition of richness in sound and a well-balanced touch.

This compact-sized piano is one of the most popular sizes of piano players. the balance of size and sound are combined in an ideal way. The unique cabinet design with piano legs styles that flow with an unbroken visual line all the way down to the castor, creating perfect harmony of appearance as well as sound.

The family spirit of Fridolin Schimmel pianos is carried on in this new line of exceptional pianos.

Institutions trust in Schimmel

There are many good reasons why Schimmel instruments have been the best-selling German pianos for decades: For example, there are numerous innovations that provide pianists playing the smaller Schimmel grand pianos with the touch and sound characteristics of a full-size concert grand piano. Other reasons for their popularity are Schimmel's status as the German piano maker with the most awards from the musical press as well as the timeless design of their award-winning cabinetry. Above all, Schimmel is chosen for their passion to create flexible, musically inspiring instruments which are built to last. Schimmel pianos are created to support and respond to the pianist's demands to make uniquely beautiful and inspirational music.

A Rich History in Piano Building

The second half of the 19th century saw many talented piano craftsmen in Europe and America starting their own business. Among them were two brothers, Wilhelm and Fridolin Schimmel. Both had the entrepreneurial spirit and both were dedicated to craftsmanship and quality. Wilhelm Schimmel, the older brother, is founder of "Schimmel Pianos" in Germany in 1885, a famous brand which has become synonymous with first class grand and upright pianos made in Germany. The younger brother, Fridolin Schimmel, founded a modern piano production in the United States of America in 1893, making successful designs for two upright pianos and a grand piano model,then later expanding to new fields of manufacturing. In Germany, Wilhelm Schimmel stayed with pianos only and continued with his son, Wilhelm Arno Schimmel, followed by his grandson Wilhelm Nikolaus Schimmel and then great grandson, Hannes Schimmel-Vogel. The new range of Fridolin by Schimmel pianos has been designed with an affectionate nod to the work of the founder's brother and as a robust, affordable and excellent option in the premium piano market.



The Fridolin by Schimmel Premium Upright Piano Line features models:
Fridolin F 116 Tradition - Compact Model
Fridolin F 121 Tradition - Medium-size Model
Fridolin F 123 Tradition - Medium-size Model 
Fridolin F 130 Tradition - Large Model
Now On Display: This instrument is now on display at Bernies Music Land, 381 Canterbury Road, Ringwood (open 6 days, Monday to Saturday). We welcome your visit to test this instrument. 
Bernies Music Land is proud to be the Melbourne home of Schimmel pianos and welcome the superb range of Fridolin by Schimmel upright pianos to our showrooms.  Please visit today at 381 Canterbury Road, Ringwood.
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Warranty: Schimmel Germany provides 10 years guarantee on Fridolin products and Bernies Music Land provides a lifetime support for your instrument. Please phone us on (03) 9872 5122 to know about the warranty details for the product.
Tuning: With over 8,800 moving parts, your piano is a complex and intricate machine. It is not just tuning that will ensure the continued playing level of your instrument. Piano manufacturers recommend that major service is conducted every 3 to 5 years in a domestic environment and every 1 to 2 years in a professional or teaching environment. A talented tuner is a wonderful asset for the playing life of your piano, and to protect your warranty, so please contact us on 9872 5122 to assist with a recommendation. To look after your piano, it is recommended that it be tuned twice yearly or at least once yearly, in your home by a qualified tuner. If the piano is being used for professional or education use, your tuner will be happy to advise you on maintenance, servicing and also on multiple tunings for highly frequent use. Advising your tuner thoroughly of any concerns means attending to items as they occur, thus ensuring your piano plays beautifully.

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Ebony/Black polished