Johannus Ecclesia D-350

3 Manuals, 41 Voices, 52 Ranks

Price on Application

3 Manuals, 41 Voices, 52 Ranks


To get straight to the heart of the matter: the Ecclesia series combines three pleasant advantages. The organs are attractively priced, their characteristics as an accompanying instrument are excellent and the optional packages available to customise the organ to meet your personal requirements are most agreeable


There was a time when home organs were moved into churches to act as the church organ. Thankfully, those days are over. Johannus has designed and developed the Ecclesia series to serve exclusively as church organs. In terms of both sound and construction, the Ecclesia concept has solid foundations. In principle, both design and sound are fixed, but in consultation a custom facade can be created in line with the style and interior of the church.


With a Ecclesia organ, sound quality is guaranteed. We have achieved the optimum. The Ecclesia is able to fill every corner of a church with its realistic pipe organ sounds. Thanks to the revolutionary, state-of-the-art audio system, the church organist has the feeling of being at a two-manual or three-manual cathedral organ, surrounded by authentic pipes. The high-quality amplifiers, subwoofers and loudspeaker simply intensify that feeling


When purchasing an Ecclesia, organists can choose from three different dispositions. In addition, while playing they have the choice of four different sample styles. The romantic style evokes the vocal music of Hendrik Andriessen, the baroque style does complete justice to the cantates of Johann Sebastian Bach, the symphonic style embodies Camille Saint-Saens oratorios and the historic style brings 17th century music fully back to life. In fact, one Ecclesia organ puts four organs at the organist's fingertips.


The Real Time Sampling technology used in the entire series greatly reduces the difference between the Ecclesia and a true pipe organ. With the digital recordings of the authentic sounds of various pipe organs that are reproduced in de Ecclesia, the organist has famous pipe organ sounds as his disposal - all from the same organ bench.


All Ecclesia models have the so-called ASR-12 system. This technology gives the church organist the choice of twelve unique reverbs. The high-fidelity reverb gives the impression that all cathedral acoustics are within reach, which in fact they are. No more and no less.


With 250 memory levels of eight memory locations, the organist can store registrations of practically his entire music oeuvre. In addition, all expression pedals of the Ecclesia are programmable: as swell pedal, or as a general crescendo

You begin pianissimo, tap the expression pedal with your foot to mezzoforte and then ease it up to a forceful fortissimo. This symbolises the variety of Ecclesia: a suitable organ for every church


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