Johannus Ecclesia D570 AGO

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Ecclesia - The church organ that doesn't compromise

The Ecclesia began with a desire to create an organ powerful enough to support congregational singing, and to provide the organist with all the tools necessary to meet any challenge and fulfil any need.

The impressive Ecclesia series is Johannus at its very best. This digital church organ – available in four different models – is affordably priced, it is powerful enough to accompany congregational singing, and it can be fitted with numerous options to suit any unique or individual needs. These are three strong arguments to choose the Ecclesia.

The Johannus Ecclesia does not simply elaborate on a home-organ concept. The Ecclesia was 100% designed for use as a church organ, and this has been the secret to its international success. The instrument is powerful enough to fill every nook and cranny of the church with rousing pipe-organ music.

The Ecclesia will inspire every organist with the ultimate church-organ experience.The instrument is based on a revolutionary,state-of-the-art audio system,and it is equipped with multiple amplifiers, subwoofers and speakers.The result is a magnificently powerful instrument with the ultimate sound quality.

The Ecclesia is a dream come true for every church organist. The organ – available in four different models – offers a perfect solution for every church. Take the D-570 with its 18.3 audio system, for example. It has four manuals, 80 voices, four 32-foot voices and a well-balanced set of speakers. It is ideal for accompanying large congregations. It is a perfect and natural solution for even the most demanding of organists.

There is an Ecclesia for every size church and church budget. Explore your options today and discover why the Johannus is a wise stewardship decision.


X = standard
- = not available



System T9000
Manuals 4
Voices 80
Ranks 91
Couplers 10
Tremulants 5
Height (excluding music desk) 52.8 in (134 cm)
Height (including music desk) 58.3 in (148 cm)
Width 70.5 in (179 cm)
Depth (excluding pedal board) 29.5 in (75 cm)
Depth (including pedal board) 48 in (122 cm)
8 standard finishes on oak X
Other kind of wood or colour optional
Music desk
Wooden desk X
Adjustable desk -
Desk lighting optional
Roll cover
Wooden roll cover X
Synthetic keyboards (5 octaves) X
Synthetic keyboards with wooden core optional
Wooden keyboards (ebony/oak) with wooden core optional
Swell shoes
Wooden swell shoes 5
Toe studs
Brass toe studs optional
Pedal board
32-note AGO pedal board with dark upper keys X
32-note AGO pedal board with plain upper keys optional
Illuminated pedal board X
Bench with lift lid X
Adjustable bench optional
External connections
MIDI (IN, MOD-out, SEQ-out)
Aux In X
Aux Out X
Headphone X
Audio system 18.3
Audio control DEA
Reverb channels 6.3
Reverb system
ASR-12â„¢, 12 unique reverbs X
Output amplifiers
Full-range amplifiers (180 Watt) 18
Bass amplifier (350 Watt) 3
Sound reproduction
External loudspeakers 18 x UL 2700
External subwoofer 2 x UL 3300 + 1 x UL 5000
Headphone/ Aux Out SSE
Controllable functions
0 (cancel) X
REC (Recall) X
CF (Cantus Firmus) X
CH (Chorus) X
KT (Keyboard Transfer) X
MB (Manual Bass) X
Menu (Johannus Menu) X
Sequence X
S/S (General Swell) X
RO (Reeds Off) X
Trans. (Transposer) X
Sample styles
Romantic X
Symphonic X
Baroque X
Historic X
Setzer memory
Levels 250
General memory locations per level 8
Divisional memory locations per level 8
Presets (programmable) PP-P-MF-F-FF-T
Johannus Menu functions
Organ and reverberation volume X
Temperaments (incl. 1 custom programmable) 12
Tuning (pitch) X
Expression pedals
PEPCâ„¢ (programmable expression pedal configuration) X
General Crescendo X
Bellows simulator X
LiveTuneâ„¢ X
Dynamic chiff X
All organ voices C-C# X

*Pictures used are for illustrative purposes only and may show accessories not included as standard


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