Johannus Studio 170

Studio 170 RACO 2 manual, 4 x 28 stops, 3 channel, Lt/Dk Oak or Satin Black

Price on Application

Studio 170 RACO 2 manual, 4 x 28 stops, 3 channel, Lt/Dk Oak or Satin Black

Thanks to the new Studio 170, you can now enjoy a genuine and affordable Johannus-quality organ in the comfort of your own living room. The compact Studio 170 organ blends perfectly into almost any interior setting and is ideal for keen organ players and organ-loving families. The full pedal board, 28 voices and 2 keyboards allow you to mix and match to your heart's content. The new audio system ensures beautiful tone reproduction. You can effortlessly switch between the various styles, creating an endless array of auditory opportunities.

The Studio 170 also allows you to add any conceivable acoustic effect: imagine yourself in an intimate chapel, a modern church or a cavernous old cathedral. The exquisite sound an the modern aesthetic make this genuine Johannus an amazing yet affordable instrument.

Our Recommendation: Home, studio, small chapel.


Standard finishes: Light oak/dark oak simulated timber and satin black.


Technical Specifications

5 Loudspeakers, 2.1 Reverb channels, 2 Amplifiers, 1 Bass amplifier Total: 330 WATTS.
28 Romantic voices, 28 Symphonic voices, 28 Baroque voices, 28 Historical voices.


2 Manuals (church organ touch), Bellows simulator, Organ volume (infinitely variable), ASR-12: 12 unique reverbs (stereo 3D, infinitely variable), Virtual Pipe Positioning (VPP), Digitally Equalized Audio System (DEA), Physiological tone control, Dynamic Chiff, PIPElife Tuning, transposer, pitch and 75 stage piston memory. demo songs, 12 historical temperaments.

Full MIDI Capabilities

30 Note RACO (Radiating Concave) Pedal Board .

3 Couplers, 2 Tremulants, ChorusMB = Manual BassRO = Reeds off.


External Connections:

  • Headphones (stereo).
  • Aux in (stereo).
  • Aux out (stereo).

  • Dark/light oak or Satin Black.
  • 1 Expression pedal.
  • Bench.


  • Height (with music rack): 136cm.
  • Width: 130cm*.
  • Depth (with 30-note raco pedal): 97cm*.

Sleek, Compact Console

The modern console boasts a sleek, compact design. The Studio will definitely not look out of place in a 21st-century music or living room. It comes in four beautiful colors: Light Riverside, Black North Wood, Nautilus Teak, and Wenge. Its fresh, modern design lets the Studio blend into any interior setting. Because it does not take up much space, the organ will also find a spot in smaller music and living rooms.


Signature Sound
Thanks to the ingenious technologies used in the Studio 170 and 370, it is virtually impossible to hear any difference between this digital organ and a pipe organ. This primarily comes down to the high quality of sound, which we spend each day perfecting at Johannus. Even experts are unable to distinguish the sound of an authentic pipe organ from our digital organs. Partly due to our new, in-house technology, the purity and authenticity of the organ sound can be heard in each individual note. Thanks to our on-going quest to emulate the original pipe organ sound and to find the best way to reproduce that sound, our entire range of products will help you reach the pinnacle of musical artistry. As do this Studio 170 and 370.


Four Styles
The Studio 170 and 370 feature 28 and 37 stops respectively, but the variety does not stop there. After all, each stop can be played in four different styles, and an 8' Rohrflute played in the romantic style sounds completely different than when played in the historical style. If you enjoy playing Bach, you will favor a baroque style, while Widor's compositions sound more natural in the symphonic style.


Twelve Reverb Programs


The Studio 170 and 370 each feature 12 unique reverb programs as well, which lets you augment your organ playing with virtually any acoustic effect that you could think of. You might imagine yourself playing in an intimate chapel, or even sitting at the manuals of an organ in an ancient cathedral. With a choice from four different sample styles and twelve reverb programs, the Studio gives you access to a wide range of pipe organs and building types within the four walls of your own music or living room.


Versatile and Affordable

With all these possibilities, the Studio offers unparalleled versatility to novice and advanced organists. High-quality sound, respectable dispositions, various styles and multiple reverb programs, all packed in a compact console at an accessible price: the Studio in a nutshell. A true Johannus to fit any music room! 


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