Schimmel W180

Grand Piano ,Wilhelm Series


Grand Piano ,Wilhelm Series

Schimmel grand and upright pianos have participated in international instrument tests since 1988 and were repeatedly able to bring home top marks. the numerous awards provide proof that the quality of Schimmel instruments are universally acclaimed by experts. For this reason, Schimmel is exceptionally proud that the major music periodical of France Le Monde de la Musique wrote the following about the C169 grand piano, "It's attractive, natural tone lengths combined with a velvety and arm construction of tonal colours are suitable for the widest range of repertoire. It stands out as a grand piano with noble character: the greatest out as a grand piano with noble character: the greatest care in its manufacture and its richness in tonal colouring predestine the instrument for musicians."The Periodical Pianiste describes the C189, "An organ piano which is suitable for all musical styles and can be adapted for a variety of situations thanks to its excellent tonal vibrancy." And Diapason wrote of the K 132 model "The homogeneity of all registers is faultless. The feeling of touch allows all performing intentions to be fully expressed and display no weak points."

Schimmel Wilhelm W180T is an illustrious, charming piano which produces a magnificently rich and delicate tone, and superb the comfort level for any pianists. Full European production. pasting

The Wilhelm series is created with solid workmanship, fine materials and experienced piano makers. The 180 Tradition is the smallest of its range, thus making it easier to fit in a smaller space if you have a smaller living room, or haven't got enough room in your home for a full sized grand piano.

Length:182 cm
Height: 103 cm
Width: 145 cm

Weight: 342 kg


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