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The organ is alive and well here at Bernies Music Land! Come to our showrooms and experience a world where we love organs... with more than 200 new and pre-loved organs in stock, as well as organ courses and lessons, a fabulous range of organ books and artist CDs, and an on-staff organ technician.
Our organ range features models for home, stage and church, including;

Hammond Organs
Forget the imitations, Hammond is the Real Thing! The full range is now available; from stage keyboards and modules through to magnificent orchestral organs with full pedal boards. Hammond Organs are unique instruments that have a warmth and versatility like no other organ. Partner it with a new Leslie speaker for the ultimate in sound. Experience a Real Hammond today.

Atelier Organs by Roland
The Atelier range of organs made by Roland are endorsed worldwide by some of the best organists including Tony Fenelon and Hector Olivera. They encompass large varieties of orchestral sounds as well as usable rhythms and exceptional speaker systems. A great range is on display and caters for beginners to professional.

Johannus Classical Organs
Since 1969, Johannus Classical Organs have combined dedicated organ building with centuries of traditional European craftsmanship. In the mid 1990's Johannus selected real-time digital sampling technology for maximum realism in sound reproduction, resulting in a recognised high level of musicality. Johannus organs are the instrument of choice for churches, homes and institutions in over 80 countries.

Trade-ins Welcome
Trade-ins are welcome here at Bernies, so please phone our organ manager, Craig Douglass, on 03 9872 5122 or craig@musicland.com.au to chat about your organ needs. We proudly sell and service organs Australia-wide.

Johannus Opus 15 RACO

Pre-Loved, Home Organ
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Johannus Kabinet RACO -SOLD

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