Our large range of keyboards includes beginner models through to home workstations and stage pianos, with the complete range of accessories to suit.
This includes;
Casio Keyboards 
Many people start their musical lives here at Bernies, and many of them start on a Casio!
New Casio keyboards from $449
New Casio Digital Pianos from $999

We have been selling Casio instruments for over 30 years. Renowned for their extensive range of top features, and outstanding reliability, Casio is a great brand for the beginner and advanced keyboard player alike.

Drop in to the store and see the new range of Casio models at Bernies! 
Hammond SK Keyboards
The latest and greatest from Hammond, these keyboards weigh from just 7kgs and pack an incredible of features. Pop one under your arm and play a gig that will give your audience shivers.

Hammond XK
If you like the iconic timber look of a real Hammond, these keyboards offer drawbars, simple presets and awesome in-built Leslie simulator. Fantastic for stage or studio use. Build your Hammond dream by making your keyboard into a XK-system, with stand, pedals, seat... and anything else you can imagine! 
Orla offers the culmination of European style; with instrument sounds sampled and modelled in the laboratory in Italy. Orla artists from Italy, England, Germany and Holland, make sure that the sounds are ideal plus that each rhythm arrangement on the grand piano models is exciting and musically rewarding to ... play. Orla is the perfect musical partner for the beginners and for the professional player alike. 
We have hand picked the best models from the line-up and are happy to offer a special package to suit your needs and budget.

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Casio Keyboards

Casio Portable Keyboard- CT-X700

Casio CTX700 is a powerful, great sounding portabl...

Hammond Keyboards

Hammond XK-1c Portable Organ

A Hammond B-3 You Can Tuck Under Your Arm!

Hammond SK 1-73 Keyboard

Best selling 73-note authentic Hammond

Hammond XLK-5

Lower Manual, Hammond XLK-5

Hammond SK 1-88 Keyboard

Full 88-note stage Hammond

Hammond SKX

Be Inspired by the amazing new Hammond SKX

New Hammond XK-5

Hammond XK-5

Orla Keyboards

Orla Stage Starter - Portable Pack

Stage Starter Pack - Free Stand!

Orla Stage Studio

Portable BONUS Stand
$1,299.00 $1,199.00

Orla Stage Concert - Portable Digital Piano

Creative Stage, Studio or Home Digital Piano Packa...