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Johannus Opus 370 Organ AGO

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3 Manuals, 42 Voices, 55 Ranks

Feel a pleasent sense of ease when playing the Johannus 370. Gracefully becoming one with the keys for this Organs simple layout and extensive options garner a powerful but elegant instrument.

The pure, clear sound of the Opus 370 will bring the pipe organ into your living room. In fact, thanks to the selection of styles and twelve reverb programs, you won't have just one organ, but instead a whole range of different pipe organs in the comfort of your own home.

  • System: OranjeCore
  • Manuals: 3
  • Voices: 42
  • Ranks: 55
  • Couplers: 6
  • Tremulants: 3

  • Height (excluding music desk): 48 inch (122 cm)
  • Height (including music desk): 57 1/2 inch (146 cm)
  • Width:55 1/4 inch (140 cm)
  • Depth (excluding pedal board): 28 1/2 inch (72 cm)
  • Depth (including pedal board): 46 inch (116 cm)

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