Orla Ensemble - NEW Demonstration Model

Demo Model, High Quality


Demo Model, High Quality

This new demonstration ensemble model is finished in warm satin walnut. It encourages expressive rhythm production with high quality sounds. Features automatic song production and 260 rhythms the Stage Ensemble is perfect for the intermediate pianist or home hobbyist.


Keyboard: 88 Note Graded Hammer Action Keyboard

Display: Back Lit Display

Polyphony and Sounds: 64 Notes Max Polyphony, 485 Sampled Sounds in the Internal Sound Library

Controls: Conductor, Full Keyboard, Auto Set up, Twin Keyboard Function

Pedals: Sustain (included)

Rhythm Orchestra: 260 Styles with 2 Variations, 16 User Styles, Auto Accompaniment On/Off, Tempo, Intro/Ending, Fill 1/2, Auto Start, Key Start, Start/Stop, Metronome, Accompaniment Volume

USB Disk Recorder: 5 Tracks, Play/Stop, Record, Disk Controls

Overall Presets: 20 User Programs

Effects: Reverb: 6 Types, Chorus: 6 Types

Tuning: Transpose, Pitch

Dynamic: On/Off, 4 Selectable curves

MIDI: 16 Midi Channels

Sockets: USB to Computer, Stereo Output, Midi In, Midi Out

Headphone: Headphone Socket

Amplifier: Stereo - Power 20W

Weight: 28kg

Size: 133(W) x 33(D) x 13(H) - 76 (H) with optional stand (cm)

Dimensions:133(W) x 33(D) x 13(H) - 76 (H)