Orla Stage Studio Digital Piano

88 graded hammer action keys


88 graded hammer action keys

Here we have another price breaking new instrument from Orla! The Stage Studio is designed in Italy, and is offering the best solution to all type of educated musicians and to young players. Great care was taken in fine tuning the touch response of the Graded Hammer Action keyboard with a very detailed touch curve sensitivity, easy to control for the beginner and very expressive for the professional player.

The Stage Studio is more than Acoustic Piano sounds but also offers Strings, Vocal, Organs Tones with Rotary effect and much more. Play along with your favourite Band or Orchestra by connecting the instrument to your computer or via Bluetooth to your smart phone or tablet and you too can experience the feeling of playing with your favourite players. 


  • Keyboard: 88 graded hammer action keys
  • Polyphony: Max 64 notes
  • Effects: Reverb: room, hall, theater-chorus
  • 16 sounds
  • Bluetooth ready
  • 20 demo songs
  • Two headphone sockets
  • Amplification: 2x15W



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