Casio PX-150 Digital Piano

Pre-loved, Digital Piano


Pre-loved, Digital Piano

Key to Sound Action

This pre-loved PX150 features a redesigned keyboard with simulated textured ebony and ivory keys for an authentic piano feel.

The weighted keys along with the model's sound engine take into account the speed at which hammers of different size move in an acoustic piano relative to the velocity the keys are pressed.

The PX150 sound mechanism replicates this experience.

Tri-sensor Action
The weighted keys respond due to the Tri-sensor action that operates in the same way as a real piano. Bass tones are played heavier and as the keyboard spans toward the treble they play lighter.

The three sensors also detect how the keys are pressed to provide the proper response. These sensors capture the dynamics of performance accurately at any speed.

Genuine Sound
The award-winning Privia sound has been improved upon for the Casio PX150. This model uses over three times the memory of that used in previous generations.

This creates a more natural piano tone along with the Acoustic and intelligent Resonator, or AiR, sound source.

This sound mechanism offers an unmatched detail and realism that gives way to expressive performance.

MIDI USB Connectivity
Privia digital pianos feature a USB connectivity that allows them to be used with Windows or Mac computers without the hassle of downloading additional drivers.

MIDI capability allows tracks to be uploaded to the computer or downloaded to the piano.

Functions and Accessories
The Casio PX150 offers a number of instrument voices including organs, strings and bass. It features Split and Layer modes allowing for bass on one side and layered tones on the other.

Duet mode splits the keyboard into two halves for piano instruction. Optional accessories include the CS-67 that raises the instrument's height and the SP-33 pedal that offers the same pedal function as an acoustic grand.

Song Recorder
The built-in track recorder can accommodate up to two tracks with playback. This capability allows the user to record practice sessions to study progress and development.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions (WxDxH): 40 x 10 x 20 inches
Weight: 20 pounds
Keys: 88 Tones
Weighted Keys: Yes
Keyboard: Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II
Polyphony: 128 Notes
Sound Mechanism: Acoustic & intelligent Resonator
Touch Sensitivity: 3 Levels
Number of Preset Voices: 10
Number of Preset Songs: 60 + 10 User Songs
Digital Effects: 

Reverb (4 types)
Chorus ( 4 types)
Brilliance (adjustable from -3 to +3)

Split Mode
Duet Mode
Layer Mode
Transpose: 25 steps (-12 semitones to +12 semitones)
Tuning: A4 = 415.5 Hz to 465.9 Hz
Auto Power Off

Tempo Setting: 20 to 255 BPM
Amplifiers: 8W + 8W
Speakers: (2) 5.1″ x 2.4″

Damper Pedal
Connection for 3-Pedal Unit
Headphone Jack

SP-33 (Optional)

This lovely pre-loved Casio PX-150 is now on display at Bernies Music Land, 381 Canterbury Road, Ringwood Vic and you can chat with our fabulous team, by visiting the superstore showrooms or phoning us on (03) 9872 5122.