Pre-loved Hammond XE200 Luxury

Pre-Loved, Home Organ

$13,995.00 $11,950.00

Pre-Loved, Home Organ

Have you ever yearned to be able to create that exclusive, magical sound and rich depth of tone, only experienced from the unique design of the original Tone-Wheel' Hammonds, and combine it with the hundreds of superbly realistic instrumental voices, the vast array of stimulating rhythmic accompaniments and the extensive, yet easy to use, control features , that are only achievable by the most recent developments in electronic design. 

With the futuristic technology contained within this totally new Hammond luxury home organ, dreams become a reality and the previously unattainable blend of traditional sound and modern features is now achieved. We are convinced that by the introduction of this new Hammond XE-200 we will have satisfied your musical aspirations and by employing the very highest standards of quality in manufacturing, the XE-200 will sustain the timeless tradition that is the Hammond Organ. 

HAMMOND XE-Series An expandable, keyboard component system that has been developed by the demands of our customers. This new and exciting concept not only meets modern design requirements but also provides the complete Hammond music experience at affordable price levels. Now with the introduction of the XE-200 the totally integrated system is complete, providing a natural progression from single keyboard to full spinet organ with out ever having to change the basic unit. Be convinced. Try the XE-200 for yourself. 

Each second hand instrument from Bernies has been service checked and carefully prepared to give you a long life of enjoyment. They come with a warranty and our renowned service support during and after your warranty.

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