Schimmel C213 Tradition Ebony Polished

Grand Piano, Classic Series

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Grand Piano, Classic Series

Schimmel's largest Classic grand piano C213 is based on the design characteristics of their full size Koncert grand piano K280. Essentially, the 'sound system' in the middle and treble section and the action of their Konzert grand piano K280 was partly transferred into the Classic grand piano C213 - and with it the tonal character and the touch of our large concert grand piano.

This outstanding and innovative idea was consequently transferred into every grand piano down to our smallest grand piano model, which is unique in the piano world. Because of this a pianist receives a part of our full size concert grand in each of our grand piano models. As we manufacture three grand piano sizes in our Classic series we simply call it 'the unique Schimmel Trilogy'.


Length: 213 cm

Height: 102 cm

Width: 154 cm

Weight: 395 kg


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