Schimmel K280 Tradition, Ebony Polished

Grand Piano, Konzert Series

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Grand Piano, Konzert Series

The Schimmel K280 is one of the finest traditional artistic hand craftsmanship in the Schimmel Konzert range. The structure of it's back, soundboard, string scales, cast iron plate and keyboard-to-action assemblies are refined to the smallest detail, and represent the purest perfection in a piano.

The entire action is pleasant and well-balanced with the necessary dynamics for large-scale virtuoso movements. It brings across great moments in any classical, jazz or contemporary pieces, whichever suits your style of piano playing. The fine balance in tonal colour and power that will enrich your musical talent.


Length - 280 cm
Height - 102 cm
Width - 154 cm
Weight - 535 kg


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