Schimmel I123 Tradition, Ebony Polished

Upright Piano, International Series


Upright Piano, International Series

The Schimmel International Tradition looks magnificent in any environment with it's lovely polished Ebony cabinet. It contains a very rich tone that sounds great with all your favourite tunes or daily practices. The large dynamic range varies from very soft to thunderously loud, filled with different intensities, colours and shades of sound. This allows you to create countless different music images and characters through your own music playing.

An extensive selection of Schimmel grand and upright pianos are now on display at Bernies Music Land. To enquire please phone Bernies Music on (03) 9872 5122 or email


Weight - 260 kgs
Height - 123 cm
Width - 154 cm
Depth - 62 cm 


Keywords:Schimmel, I123, Tradition, Ebony