Schimmel W114 Modern Swing, Ebony Polished

Upright Piano, Wilhelm Schimmel Series

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Upright Piano, Wilhelm Schimmel Series

The Schimmel range consists of one of the highest quality pianos, suitable for all levels. This Schimmel piano is compact and will be a perfect fit for any small living room space. The size does not affect the quality of the sound, it will still deliver the same expressive control and superb sound like any other schimmel piano, making your daily playing more enjoyable.

An extensive selection of Schimmel grand and upright pianos are now on display at Bernies Music Land. To enquire please phone Bernies Music Land on (03) 9872 5122 or email�


Weight - 199 kg�
Height - 144 cm
Width - 148 cm
Depth - 50 cm


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