Hammond XLK3 Lower Manual

Lower manual for Hammond XK-System


Lower manual for Hammond XK-System

The lower manual for the XK-system. Designed to fit exactly under the XK-3 or XK-3c to turn them into a two manual organ on the go. Features a 61 note keyboard and 11 inverse colour preset keys, for an authentic Hammond experience. Comes with all the necessary leads to connect to an XK-3 or XK-3c.

We have numerous players giging with the Hammond XK Pro System and even had the original XK-Pro System (with the XK-3) on 6 national tours with a well-known TV show summer concert tour consisting of between 65-80 gigs each year. The XLK-3 NEVER missed a beat. The XK-Pro System is our "Idol". In fact when we got it back we sold it again and it is happily playing on Sunday mornings at a church in Orange Country, CA.

Hammond Central is your source for both Hammond Products and Hammond know-how. Here are the specs on the XLK3 and, should you have questions, we are only a phone call away... 


Pro XK-System Lower Manual

Keyboard 61 + 12 (preset keys)

Controls Power on/off

Controls Power on/off
Terminal AC input, MIDI out, Headphone
Dimensions 47"(W) x 22 7/8"(D) x 3 1/2"(H)

Weight 28.6 lbs


MIDI cable(1.5m)
8-pin cable(1.5m)

Cable Label "EXP"(2pcs)

Cable Label "MIDI"(2pcs)

Cable Clamp(4pcs)



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